Dangerously in Love


Denim gilet D.I.Y. cutoff sleeves, Top Topshop, Sweatpants H&M, Boots ASOS, Rings H&M

Hey guys, I bought this denim jacket above in Hong Kong and the jacket ended up being too tight on the shoulders so it just came to a stage where I couldn't stand it anymore and cut off the sleeves and I loved it ever since. 

Loads of people have been asking me how i'm actually able to walk in the 6.5 inches platform boots above, it's not that hard and they are really comfortable.  To be honest I couldn't even walk in 2inch heels properly even when I was 18, it does take time to get used to it and practice.  If you still don't have the confidence in walking in high heels, then I suggest you could practice walking around in the house with heels on then take it outside your house so you can get used to them on the concrete floor before wearing them out...that's what I used to do. 



Steffanie's Style said...

love your shoes :)
thanks for commenting on my blog, follow me??



Bex said...

Great advice on the shoes, I really only wear heels at night when there isn't a lot of walking to be done, can't imagine wearing 6 inch heels to work!


heart charlie said...

Awesome outfit! Those shoes are so special :)

LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

Love this outfit, and your hair color !

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Ivoryskin said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, i love those boots!


therawpower said...

the asos boots are amazing, i have ordered tonsss of stuffs since they have free shipping....
HK has the worst place for walking in heels =( but thanks for the tips
my other concern is that people in HK wear kitten heels a lot and when i wore HIGGGH heels, they looked at me in a weird way...sigh...

Burning Veins said...

Wow I love your hair,
and those heels are stunning.
Instant follow haha.
& thanks for commenting.
x bustierdress.blogspot.com

Jen S. said...

cute outfit great blog...thanks for stopping by..


Violet said...

love the outfit! your hair is great too

haha i gave my roommate a qiuck lesson in walking in heels... we still have some work but its helps

Vi from Cali

黃愛玲 said...

I adore this outfit. =o)

Eline said...

Your shoes are amazing! ♥

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