Fashion and art are often grouped together, in academia for example, or when referring to aspects of culture. It’s true that they are connected, perhaps even more so than you might first think.

Fashion design, and particularly haute couture, is undoubtedly artistic; the purpose of the clothing created is no longer to be worn, but to be seen and admired. In my opinion, it’s not only the fabulous high end fashion designers who should be credited with the title of artist, but stylists, bloggers and mere followers of fashion too!

 photo 742b6148-f589-4573-9e25-f06484268107_zpsba840d0a.jpg

Biker Jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Jersey T-Shit, Helmut Lang
Tribal Necklace, Mixes 
Platform Sandals, Bruno Premi
Aztec Print Trousers, Velvet by Graham & Spencer
(all available online from www.julesb.co.uk)
Snakeskin Clutch Bag (available from www.nyclassicshandbags.com)

Just like creating a masterpiece, creating an effortlessly chic look takes not only sartorial skill but an eye for colour, volume and dimensions. To show what I mean, I’ve styled up a statement red biker jacket in gorgeous buttery-soft leather - one of my top picks from a selection of Marc by Marc Jacobs available at Jules B – for some relaxed summery drinks:

  • Proportions: You’ll have heard it a million times before, but if you go for volume on the bottom, go tailored on top. Loose trousers are complemented by a structured jacket and call out for platform heels.

  • Colour: The summer hues, and particularly the sunset red of these boldly printed Aztec trousers is beautifully brought out by the jacket and everything else is kept simple.

  • Pairings: A quality plain white tee from this Helmut Lang selection makes the perfect accompaniment to a biker jacket, and streamlined black accessories bring a touch of classic elegance to an otherwise bold outfit.

  • Edge: The clashing print of the snakeskin clutch adds a 2013 twist.   

All that in one outfit! How could it not be an art form? Why not have a go at putting together your own masterpiece look… you’ll already have all the skills you need, you just hadn’t realised it!




 photo IMG_2039_zps07e2c08a.jpg
 photo IMG_2044_zps627e9387.jpg
 photo IMG_2038_zpsa57f5f6f.jpg

Shirt - H&M
T-shirt - Topshop
Skirt - H&M
Belt - ASOS
Lavender Satchel (Personalized with an embossed 'K') - The Cambridge Satchel Company
Gold Chain - Forever 21
Sneakers - Converse
Versace - Sunglasses Hut

I had my hair colour changed again last weekend, it has 3 different layers of purple but you can't really see it in these pictures and I also changed the colour of my undercut to blue (check on Instagram).  I haven't done a 'What I Wore Today' post for quite a while due to my new job, so now that everything is going smoothly i'm going to post as much as I can.  One thing which is going to change on my blog are the brands events / collection preview posts, obviously now that i'm not doing freelance I don't have as much time to attend events so there's going to be less of these posts!  But hope you guys can carry on supporting me and my blog!! <3

I did some online shopping over the weekend, i'll make a post on what I bought when the package arrives.  




 photo z_1331_0_4_zps2ed0f4f0.jpg
 photo z_1382_0_4_zps1f08a292.jpg
 photo z_1101_0_4_zps207d2157.jpg


Hey guys, I'm back!!  Sorry i've been absent for the last couple of weeks, I found a new job and I just needed some time to settle down.  Now that everything is back on track, I can schedule some time to spend on my blog.  Anyway, I seriously need to get some new clothes and DIMEPIECE has recently become one of favourite brands.  I haven't bought any of their stuff before, but that's what i'm planning to do.  I've spotted these 3 t-shirts which I should be getting, the first 2 i'm definitely getting but i'm not sure about the 3rd one.  Apart from this, an outfit post will be up soon!

Have a lovely week!




 photo Lee_zps9c71f076.jpg
Neon leather patch, with a 'K'

 photo Lee1_zps052cb4d4.jpg
Michael attaching the leather patch onto the overalls

 photo Lee2_zps933382fd.jpg
 photo photo-1copy20_zps1f81417b.jpg
Aidan embossing 2211 on my bronze tag

 photo photo-1copy21_zpseda6d1da.jpg
Love the vintage effect

 photo Lee3_zps564e5f0c.jpg
Easy Pack Creative Union Logo / Wax sealed package

 photo IMG_1953_zps39c4a733.jpg
Haven't quite finished on distressing my jeans

 photo IMG_1958_zps35442d06.jpg
 photo IMG_1955_zpsf40cafc9.jpg
 photo IMG_1960_zps8844b55d.jpg
 photo IMG_1965_zps3aab0561.jpg
Silk Screened Packaging

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Union-Alls, I was invited to the Lee Union-Alls D.I.Y workshop last week.  Michael Wan (Imperial United) and Aidan Lee (Easy Pack Creative Union), were there to take us through on how to personalize our very own leather and bronze tags for our limited edition bib overalls.  There were loads of different coloured leather patches to choose from, and obviously I went for neon with a 'K'.  As for the bronze tag, instead of polishing the whole thing and making it super shiny, I wanted a more vintage/rustic effect, so I decided to leave the bottom half unpolished, which looks pretty cool.

I left the workshop, with my denim overalls presented in a super cool packaging which was silk screened by hand, and to top it all off the package was wax sealed.  Due to the overalls being limited edition, each pair had it's own unique number and I was lucky enough number 1!

Lee, has also invited 10 designers from Easy Pack Creative Union to customize a pair of overalls, this isn't just about attaching a leather patch and polishing a bronze tag.  Each design is not only unique, it's taken to a whole new level.  Stay tuned, as I will be making a post on the 10 designs next week.  Lee is holding an exhibition at the Flagship store over at Causeway Bay, showcasing the 10 designs right now, so if you're in Hong Kong do go and check it out!


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