The stunning Lily Donaldson

Hey guys, I'm making a post on my favourite model Lily Donaldson today. She is so stunning and has great style! I've picked out some nice pics of her even though their all amazing but I couldn't post all of it so I just posted the ones I like the most.

I said that I will post a pic of the rings I bought the other day so here it is, hope you like it.

Have a good day everyone!!
Thanx for reading!

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LA said...

She's stunning, and looks like a doll but with a destroyed twist! I love her!


Fashiable said...

lovely rings

Inez said...

I love the feather lashes and ofcourse the rings, they are awesome!

Emilie said...

waauuw indeed she's so stunning!! We're both in 'model-mood' today, because I just did a post about Natasha Poly :D Come check it out darling :)



Inez said...

of course, I'm your newest follower :)

ARA said...

love the rings. And Lily is amazing. She has such great style.xx


annierama said...

you have a really good fashion sense ;)
like your blog!

Sarah said...

awesome ring dear!!
I love Lily, she is flawless! xxx

Ellen said...

i love her too she is just so eccentric good choice :) also love the rings :D



Fashion Me Chic said...

These pictures are georgeous.

I just found your blog. I will follow you if you follow me.


Sanny said...

I'm never big with the modeling world, barely keep myself posted with all the up to date collection LOL silly me. But she is really stunning! Love her style, she's so edgy! Thanks for sharing these pictures!

Have a wonderful one (:

Sanny's Head to Heart

Meekay said...

Thanx for the great comments! You're all amazing!!

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