I Need You


I need a grey sweater, it's so hard to find the perfect one!! Do you guys have any suggestions? Please let me know!!




Yuliaa. said...

i love your blog. and this post. and yes i need one too (:



Aimee said...

Very good choices! I saw one like those in a darker gray at H&M hanging up on the wall but I forgot about it and never checked it out :s but it was very pretty!

Meekay said...

Cool!Thanx Aimee, I will go and check it out!


Caroleena85 said...

Thank you for checking out my blog and following! Since I just saw it on their website today, my suggestion on a grey sweater ;) They have other great stuff, too!


Valou said...

yeah it's very difficult I tried one in H&M but it was not good and I want one too but I want it is not expensive

karla camille foronda said...

aww! thank you for your sweet comment in my blog. I'm following you too:) let's be friends!

anyway, I am in dire need of these kind of sweaters too.hhaha:) it's really so hard to find!

have a nice day..


Anonymous said...

Hey, thnks for the comment!

Try New Look or H&M as already been mentioned, they do quite a few x

kirstyb said...

oooh i want xxxxx

Jay said...

Love these!! :)

Thanks for stopping by ny blog and commenting!!


BurberryBound said...

Hey Meekay! I love your blog! Thanks for visiting and following mine. I'm now following yours! I'm also looking for a grey sweater. Let me know if you find the perfect one! :)

Sorella said...

You could try to make your own or buying a moderately ok looking one from a fleamarket and customizing it :D.

I'm thinking that a grey sweat shirt with a waterfall hem would be lovely.

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