Following up from the last Bare Minerals blog post about this Pure Transformation Night Treatment sleeping mask, I've been using the mask for the last couple of weeks but before I go into reviewing the product I want to go through the easy steps of using this product first.

1. Shake the tub of powder before opening
2. Shake off any excess powder before applying
3. Apply the powder in a circular motion
4. Repeat 2-3 these steps 2-3 times for a even application

Ok so as I said I've been using the sleeping mask for the last week, when I first received the product I was quite excited to try it out, the first night I applied it I instantly saw the difference I actually did see a glow on my face, so I carried on using it for the next couple of days.  I have to be very honest, I have very sensitive skin so were actually talking about I can't use just any skincare or make-up brands, as we all know Bare Minerals use the most natural ingredients in their products so I thought it would be a great idea to try this out.  This might not happen on everybody but as I said I have very sensitive skin so maybe I was allergic to this sleeping mask but I noticed I've been getting some breakouts on my chin and a couple around my nose area which has scared me a little so I had to stop using the product within a week of using it.  

Just to make thing clear, Bare Minerals is a great brand but it was just that the Pure Transformation Night treatment sleeping mask didn't work out for me.  


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great review!

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